Ushuaia Ibiza

We show you here how our moving ladder works. Unique in Ibiza. In this case for our client Ushuaia Ibiza

Especially indicated for lifting services of furniture, appliances, glass, panels, air equipment, ventilation, electrical appliances, wood carpentry, aluminum, metal structures, pergolas, armored doors, various construction material such as plasterboard, mobile partitions, and services of removals

Lifting Ladder Service

Complete moving music studio

Disk Jockey

Here we show you how we make the complete move of a music studio in Ibiza. In each change of these characteristics, we perform:

  • Desmontaje y montaje de mobiliario. Demontamos en mobiliario en su casas y se montan en su nueva casa
  • Embalaje de todos los enseres de la casa para la protección y traslado con total garantía. Disponemos de todo tipo de materiales para proteger sus pertenencias: Cajas especiales, burbujas, porexpan, fundas, etc
  • Handling. Your material is treated in the most appropriate way to ensure its conservation and functionality
  • Elevators and special vehicles for the transport of goods

standard moving model

Private House
In this block we show you a standard case of moving a private house. Before transporting them to our vehicles we make a packing and sorting of all the furniture and equipment, and then with our cranes, and elevators we take them to our plated vehicles to send them to their final destination

packing and transport of fragile goods

In this case, the work involves packing and transporting fragile materials, such as sculptures, statues and other objects for the Sluiz Ibiza empress. For the transport of these objects we have boxes, of multiple formats and measures to transport your belongings
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